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The Western Cape of South Africa - Accommodation, Property and Conference Venues

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The Western Cape Province of South Africa
The Western Cape province of South Africa is a province of diversity and natural beauty.

western cape south africa - accommodation, property, conference venues

The Western Cape is bordered on the north by the Northern Cape Province, on the east by the Eastern Cape Province, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

About The Western Cape, South Africa
The capital of the Western Cape is Cape Town which is home to the well known Table Mountain. Most of the Western Cape falls within the Cape Fold Belt, a range of sandstone folded mountains that range in height from 1000m to 2300m. The valleys between ranges are generally very fertile. The far interior of the Western Cape forms part of the Karoo Basin and is generally arid and hilly. The coastal areas of Western Cape range from sandy between capes, to rocky to steep and mountainous in places.

The Western Cape vegetation is diverse with more plant species occurring on Table Mountain than the entire United Kingdom. It is characterised by various types of shrubs, thousands of flowering plant species and some small trees. The arid interior of the Western Cape is dominated by drought-resistant shrubbery. The West Coast and Little Karoo areas are semi-arid regions and are typified by many species of succulents and drought-resistant shrubs and acacia trees. The Garden Route is extremely lush, with temperate rainforest covering many areas adjacent to the coast and along the mountain ranges.

map of western cape west coast western cape cape town western cape western cape winelands south africa breede river valley western cape western cape karoo overberg  western cape south africa garden route western cape Most of the Western Cape is considered to have a Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The interior Karoo has a semi-arid climate with cold, frosty winters and hot summers with occasional thunderstorms. The Garden Route and the Overberg on the south coast have a maritime climate with cool, moist winters and mild, moist summers. Mossel Bay in the Garden Route is considered to have the second mildest climate worldwide after Hawaii.

The Western Cape of South Africa is generally divided into the following regions: West Coast, Cape Town Metro, The Winelands, Breede River Valley, Karoo, Overberg and Garden Route.

The Western Cape Province’s total GDP is the third-highest contribution to South Africa’s total.The largest industry in the Western Cape is the clothing and textile industry. High-tech industries, international call centres, fashion design, advertising and TV production are niche industries rapidly gaining in importance in the Western Cape.

The Western Cape has an excellent network of highways comparable with any first-world country with all major roads tarred. Telecommunications in the Western Cape is highly sophisticated and most areas have internet access. Mobile cellular communications is world class with reception in all densely populated rural areas, all urban areas and along all major routes. All national banks are represented almost everywhere in the Western Cape.

Accommodation in Western Cape
South Africa Info list a wide range of accommodation in the Western Cape including hotels, self catering units, game lodges, guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodation in the Western Cape ...click here for accommodation in the Western Cape

Property in Western Cape
The diverse nature of the Western Cape gives the property buyer in the Western Cape a wide range of options. South Africa Info lists houses, townhouses, flats, vacant land and many other types of property for sale ...click here for property in the Western Cape

Conference Venues in Western Cape
South Africa Info lists all the best conference venues in the Western Cape. Whether you are looking for an intimate venue or require a large venue we will help you get the ideal conference venue in the Western Cape ...click here for conference venues in the Western Cape

A Short History of the Western Cape
Traces of the tools of early stone age hunter-gatherers found in the area of modern day Western Cape indicate that this area was inhabited by prehistoric people as much as 600 000 years ago. Most well known of these prehistoric hunter-gatherer is probably the the San (Bushmen) which relied almost solely on what the seashore had to offer for their food. About 2000 years ago the San was displaced by the Khoikhoi from the north, bringing with them their herds of cattle and sheep. By the time the first Europeans settled into the Table Bay area of the Western Cape the Khoikhoi was the dominant tribe in the area ...read full article

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