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Information on Rivonia situated in the Johannesburg Region of Gauteng in South Africa including information on property, conference venues and accommodation
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Rivonia, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Accommodation, Property and Conference Venues Rivonia

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Rivonia in the Johannesburg Region of Gauteng, South Africa
Rivonia is situated in the Johannesburg region of the Gauteng province in South Africa. Rivonia is one of the most affluent residential and business suburbs of Johannesburg, and regarded as the hub of upstart I.T. companies. The main thoroughfare in the area, The Boulevard, is the location of the Rivonia Square shopping complex as well as many other shops and restaurants.

The main road in Rivonia is known as The Boulevard and is the location of the Rivonia Square shopping complex as well as many other shops and restaurants. This beautiful Square boasts a chain of shops, nightclubs and restaurants along the thoroughfare and includes the former Cloisters Shopping Centre. This square is always a buzz of entertainment and energy.

It was in Rivonia at the location of Liliesleaf Farm where the accused in the 1964 Rivonia Trial were arrested. The Rivonia Trial was an infamous trial which took place in South Africa between 1963 and 1964, in which 10 leaders of the African National Congress were tried for 221 acts of sabotage designed to "ferment violent revolution". Liliesleaf Farm had been used as a hideout for the African National Congress. Among others, Nelson Mandela had moved onto the farm in October 1961 and evaded security police while masquerading as a gardener and cook.

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