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Information on Randfontein situated in the West Rand Region of Gauteng in South Africa including information on property, conference venues and accommodation
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Randfontein, West Rand, Gauteng - Accommodation, Property and Conference Venues in Randfontein

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Randfontein in the West Rand Region of Gauteng, South Africa
Randfontein is a gold mining town situated in west rand region of the Gauteng province of South Africa. Randfontein lies about 45 km west of the Johannesburg city centre.

In the midst of the Witwatersrand gold rush, mining financier JB Robinson bought the farm Randfontein and established the Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Company in 1889. The town of Randfontein was established in 1890 to serve the new mine and was administered by Krugersdorp until it became a municipality in 1929.

Some of the attractions of Randfontein include Randfontein Estates which has the largest stamp mill in the world and Riebeeck Lake which is a popular water spot. Randfontein has a population of over 180,000, which incorporates Mohlakeng and Toekomsrus.

Apart from having the largest stamp mill in the world, Randfontein, like many of the other outlying areas of Johannesburg, is essentially a rural collection of farms and small holdings in a particularly beautiful part of Gauteng.

North west of Randfontein are the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg mountains forming an attractive backdrop to the Skeerpoort and Crocodile River valleys. Whilst mining still dominates this part of the world, one no longer has to drive miles to reach the nearest shopping centre from Randfontein as development has swiftly encroached and Randfontein is more like a suburb of Johannesburg, even if it falls under a separate municipality.

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